Use Google Sheets to pull website data for your SEO game

Google Sheets is my love. They haven’t been before – to be honest: I avoided spreadsheets as much as I could. But ever since I started my current job, I have learned to love working with spreadsheets.

Lately, I have been playing around with Google Sheets to get a quick overview of live webpage data without using any other tools.

Learn to use IMPORTXML for SEO

All is lost 🤮

English: All my old content is gone, and I will focus on having a really personal blog again. And that will be in German only. If you’re looking for SEO help or scripts, ping me at (fastest way).

Deutsch: All meine alten Inhalte sind leider unwiederbringlich verloren. Aber ich werde ab jetzt wieder ein persönliches Blog aufbauen – mit meinen Haupt-Themen SEO, Lemgo und Libanon. Und zwar auf Deutsch 🙂