The best SEO bookmarklets

This is my list of the best SEO bookmarklets to use. My focus is on technical SEO, so this list will most likely contain many SEO bookmarklets which fall into the technical topic.

To use any of the bookmarklets, simply drag the title of the bookmarklet into your browser’s bookmarks.

My own bookmarklets

The following bookmarklets are my own creation. Use them if you like. They might not be super helpful for you, but they are helpful to me (at least).

Compare Google’s SERPs‘ titles to pages‘ actual title tags and h1 headings

This one is actually based on a bookmarklet by Federico Gomez. You can find all information on the dedicated page for this bookmarklet. Click the link to see it: Bookmarklet: Compare SERP titles to actual onpage titles and h1 heading

Highlight Headings

This bookmarklet highlights all headings <h1> to <h6> on the current page in different colors. Open the dev-tools / browser console to get an array of the headings, grouped ny heading type.

SEO Bookmarklets I have found useful

The following bookmarklets are the ones I have found to be useful in my daily work as an SEO. To use these, simply drag the title of the bookmarklet’s paragraph into your bookmark toolbar.

DOM Analyzer

Found on <3

Here’s a list of cool SEO bookmarklets put togther by Alexander Außermayr.

Google SERP Scraper

This bookmarklet lets you scrape and export the entries of a Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It's been coded by cognitiveSEO.

Schema Markup Validator

The Schema Markup Validator bookmarklet will send the URL of the currently opened page to the Markup Validator.

Open Page in GSC Performance Report

Use this bookmarklet to open the currently viewed page in your Google Search Console's "Performance Report". Of course, this only works for pages of websites that you have access to within GSC.

Open in Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

This bookmarklet wil open the currently viewed page in Google's Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

External: WOW! Awesome SEO Bookmarklet!

Check out this amazing bookmarklet... kind of like an All-In-One thing by

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